Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Transborneo ride

Tip of bornoe..nie memory for biker early morning around 7am

Bajau boy at semporna the port to Sipadan Island u can get the bot from this port..enjoy their live with sea.

onway to bidayu long hse ..u can sleep with small amount of $$

Monday, March 22, 2010


Friendship bridge to cross mekong river at Vientane/nong Kai thai

NOngkai Thai

Laos after thai/combodia/vietnam ride

Old Laos ladies talk during young capture by russian age 85 years

Young Laos girls waiting for western to married them

Mekong river during hot season..water flow from Chine through Laos/thai the combodia
Meet tis Australia couple at Vietnine-

Pak Kading river before joint to Mekong river

Attend the Loas couple wedding days at same hotel near Pak se

Onway to Pak See

Laos Family and village House.the owner is ex army
At PAk See Town near the bank
Govermant offise of Thakek district
Mekong river Laos(Thakek)/boarder with Thai (Nakorn Phanom)
Laos custom Vieh Knam(boarder with Combodia)office
Hotel chempasak

Sunday, March 21, 2010

riding in vietnam

Hiten Vietnam petrol statio 4x expensive compare to malaysia bad only sale
leded petrol 80
Window shoping

Hiten university

Road to vietnam from COmbodie(prak Cak.

My house

Vietnam /combodia stone boarder

Vietnam university and like white man

Custome and imege vietnam

Combodia boarder/custome

AT vietnam custome office

Just 2 days riding in Vietnam Hiten through Prak Cak not much diffrence to talk about
HIten..Vietnam army attack combodia from this provience before entre Phonm Penh during
Pol Pot goverment..just nice beach and cheaper seafood.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

year end riding to Vietnam/combodia/laos through thailand.

Pwerson who kill by Pol pot picture
Road to Kartie,dusty in hot and muddy in rain season

Phonom penh town

Nail at tube

At immigration boarder thai/combodia
Lunch stop Thai(Trat)

With my riding Aji/Hairi /Zul(spore ) we ride mostly 7on bike for 14 days.with 4 bikes2KLR,1 honda valadero and 1 Africa Twin.jacket sponser by givi,the rest under our own money.On bike 16 days cover more then 5000km.
For first 3 days we still riding to thailand(2000km) before Cross boarder to Combodia at Kok Long Yai,then continue to Sri Ambe->Kep->Kg Trench before entre Vietnam at Hiten. for 2 days trip.before come to Combodia -> Phonom Penh->KArtie->Stung Treng->DAm Clour(LAos)Entre Laos->Chempasak->Pak KAding->Vientenance->Viang Vieng->Pasanovan->.Luang Prabang->Luang Lamtha->Muang Sing->Boten(China Boarder)->HuaY Xai and entre Thailand at Chiang Kong.->South to Chiangmai->BKK->Surathani->Hatyai and Kuala Lumpur
->Oudom Xai->
At tong slap (touter place during pol pot

Combodia villager.Nice person

Onway to Phonom Penh

Muslim girls

Tip bit to pour children

At muslim village

All photo have been killing by polpot

continue combodia ride to c muslim village at kok long Yai